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FinePix 3D Digital Camera

FinePix REAL 3D W3

Feature 1Shoot 3D

Shoot high-resolution 3D photos and movies effortlessly with 3D Auto.

Capture 3DHD Movies and Still Photo

Shoot High-resolution 3D Photos and Movies Effortlessly with 3D Auto

Frame your subject, press the shutter, and the scene is captured in a high-quality 3D image.

Movie Shooting

The 3D Auto function lets anyone take high-definition, high-resolution movies in 3D effortlessly. What's more, your memories will be captured with stereo audio sound.

Photo Shooting

Shoot anything you like in 3D with this simple point-and-shoot compact camera. Equipped with 3x optical zoom lens, you can go as close as up to 38cm when shooting macro.

Advanced 3D Modes: Individual Shutter 3D Shooting

With Individual Shutter 3D Shooting, you can take two shots of the same subject from different positions, and the camera automatically merges and saves the captured images as a single enhanced 3D photo. After the first image is taken, it appears as a transparent overlay on the monitor to help you align and frame the second shot. Photos of distant subjects like mountains and skyscrapers look amazing in enhanced 3D, while close-up subjects like flowers come to life in natural 3D.

Ex. Macro Photography

Capture 3D photos with a more natural sense of depth when shooting in macro.

First Shot

Second Shot

Advanced 3D Modes: Interval 3D Shooting

  • First Shot
  • Second Shot

With a single press of the button, the camera automatically takes successive shots. Perfect for shooting from a car, train or even an airplane to create a photo with an ultra 3D sense of depth. Imagine shooting clouds from the window of your flight and capturing the scene in super 3D. Fujifilm truly brings a whole new dimension to photo enjoyment!

Parallax Control (3D Tuning Function)

The camera automatically adjusts parallax in 3D Auto mode for an optimal sense of depth. Manual mode is also possible by operating the Parallax Control lever on the back of the camera to easily fine- tune the sense of depth and alignment of the images.

3.5” Wide 3D LCD Monitor

See Your 3D Movies and Photos with the Naked Eye

The large 3.5" LCD screen displays high-resolution, high-contrast 3D images and movies without the need for glasses. See it in all its glory with your own eyes!

Lenticular Lens System

Fujifilm's unique 3D monitor enables you to enjoy 3D images just with your naked eyes. The Finepix REAL 3D W3 uses an array of microscopic concave lenses to produce binocular disparity. This technology prevents on-screen flickering and crosstalk.

1. LCD Monitor 2. Lenticular Sheet 3. 3D LCD Monitor

The Element of Lenticular Sheet and 3D Image

Step 1: An image is viewed through a series of magnified multiple lenticules aligned on a sheet (lenticular sheet) from left and right angles.

Step 2: Each eye (left and right) receives different images.

Step 3: The parallax between each eye causes the image to appear three dimensional viewing.

Images Come to Life on the Bright LCD Display

High Luminosity Mode displays images 1.5x* brighter and reproduces color 1.8x* deeper allowing you to enjoy clear, distinct and vivid images.

  • * Compared to previous models.

High-resolution 1.15 million Dot LCD

3D images are shown on a high resolution 1.15 million dot LCD. The LCD ensures perfect portrayal of fine detail and color.

Fujinon Lens - Two Sets of Lens that Work in the Same Way as Human Eyes

Our ability to perceive depth comes from viewing an object along two different lines of sight. This phenomenon is called parallax. The FinePix REAL 3D W3 is fitted with dual lenses to capture realistic images that are unchanged from how human eyes see them. Both optical 3x zoom lenses capture subjects beautifully, even from a distance. The camera's newly developed stainless steel frame maintains the optical axis with high precision. All these features are combined in a light, compact, stylish body.


Discover the flourishing performance of the top brand Fujinon Lens used widely in various areas.

3D CCD System - Natural Sense of Depth with Synchronized Control of Two CCDs

With its two 10 megapixel sensors, the FinePix Real 3D W3 captures even the finest of details. The synchronized control of the two sensors and lenses prevents any inaccuracy between the two images and produces a perfectly matched pair of images which, when combined, produce a single image with a very natural sense of depth.

RP (REAL PHOTO) Processor - New REAL PHOTO Processor 3DHD

Image data captured by the dual lens-CCD system is processed by the newly developed RP (REAL PHOTO) processor 3DHD. The technology merges the left and right images into a single image. This processor is also the power behind 3D Auto - the function that lets even first-time users take stunning HD-quality images effortlessly.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.