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Fujifilm India Private Ltd. committed to Improve Healthcare Infrastructure in India

Fujifilm India signs contract with KRSNAA Diagnostics Pvt Ltd for the digitalization of 1000 X-Ray Setups across the country covering even the remote locations in a span of 2 years with its state of the art diagnostic and imaging systems

February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017, New Delhi: Fujifilm India Private Limited, a leader in medical equipments and devices,has signed a contract with Pune based KRSNAA diagnostics Pvt Ltd, a leading diagnostic player in the PPP (Private Public Partnership) sectorto install 1000 Computer Radiography across India. The objective is to convert 1000 X-Ray setups from analog to digital so that patients can get immediate reporting through teleradiology. The installation of Fujifilm’s state of the art Computer Radiography equipments will not just reduce reporting time but also enable enhanced image quality aiding in better diagnosis and care thereby saving precious lives. The first phase of execution in Assam will be over by February 15, 2017 while the overall project completion will be in 2 years from now.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Yasunobu Nishiyama, Managing Director, Fujiflm India Pvt Ltd.,said, “This marks a new chapter in Fujifilm’s initiatives to expand and strengthen it’s presence in the Indian Healthcare industry.This deal is much in line with our constant endeavour to provide superior healthcare experiences to our customers and patients. For the next 2 years, Fujifilm India will be working closely with KRSNAA Diagnostics to install our state of the art FCR Prima and Fujifilm imager DRYPIX.”

Talking about the company’s objective behind entering into this deal, Mr.Chandrashekhar Sibal, Executive Vice President, Fujiflm India Pvt Ltd.,said, “Our endeavour is to provide best services in the remotest areas across the country through digitalisation of X-Rays enabling better image quality at the lowest X-ray dose. This would help improve efficiency and quality of X-ray reporting resulting in faster and more accurate diagnosis. Our designs are compact, easy-to-operate andprovide high quality outputs with minimum efforts.”

Mr. Rajendra Mutha, Chairman of Krsnaa Diagnostics said, "This is an important step in providing advanced digital X-Ray facility across the country. We are committed to the vision of our beloved Prime Minister who has stressed on the importance of providing quality healthcare diagnostics to the poor and needy at affordable or no cost reaching in the remotest of areas. States like Assam still face a major challenge not only in terms of availability of crticial medical facilities, but also in terms of manpower and shortage and most often non-availability of advanced medical equipments. Our aim is to overcome these very challenges.”

Commenting further, Ms. Pallavi Jain, Managing Director of Krsnaa Diagnostics said, “We have always strived to provide the very best of technology across our centers and CR Systems from Fujifilm is another step in that direction. We expect it to be a game changer by delivering world class results at a price -point that will make quality healthcare imaging accessible to every Indian.”

Fujifilm invented computed radiography (CR), the world’s first digital X-ray systemin the year 1983. With more than seventy-five years of imaging and clinical expertise in film and thousands of systems installed, Fujifilm is a leading provider of digital x-ray systems.

As part of the contract, FujiFilm will supply and install 1000 units of FCR Primaand 1200 units of DRYPIX imager. The FCR Prima comes in a compact body and provides extremely fast processing that streamlines the diagnosis process. The compact table-top reader boasts a high-speed processing that challenges the common misconceptions related to CRs. It comes with a processing capacity of 57 IPs/hr that can be upgraded to 67 IPs/hr with Upgrade kit. Besides its unique Space-saving design, the FCR supports accurate diagnosis by offering stable and optimized high quality images.

The contract comes as a part of tender won byKRSNAA Diagnostics Pvt Ltd from Government of Assam to install Computer Radiography machines and Imagers. KRSNAA Diagnostics is an active bidder in PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects within Radiology and Pathology field. The project is funded by National Rural Health Mission wherein KRSNAA Diagnostics was a major bidder.

About Fujifilm
Fujifilm established in 1934 has believed in Innovation and creation of new values through leading edge and proprietary technologies. FUJIFILM India as a firm believer in sophistication, continues to work hard to provide the Indian consumer the best products and services.

Our corporate slogan is “Value from Innovation.”

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Our Goal is to be a company that is able to resolve a diverse variety of the problems that face society, contribute to the world through the continuous creation of value – added products and services, and achieve sustainable growth through constant innovation. That was the commitment we made to the world when we launched our new corporate slogan “Value from Innovation”. We quickly ascertain customer needs, and communicate these clearly and accurately to those involved in product development. Instant camera – instax is successful example of this in Photo Imaging business which was developed after accurately assessing market demands and with all related business divisions working together throughout the entire process from production to sales on a worldwide scale.

ABOUT KRSNAA Diagnostics:

Krsnaa Diagnostics Private Limited., is a Pune (India) – based healthcare PPP (Public Private Partnership) service provider with more than 6,00,000 Radiology studies per year. The only company in India to have presence in 10-states and 1500 locations across India The states where Krsnaa has its presence currently our Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Krsnaa Dreams to make healthcare accessible and affordable across the Nation with the vision of Let’s Do Good!! The company has received various awards for the outstanding work done in the field of health care which includes - Asia's Best and Fastest Growing Healthcare & Wellness Brands by World Consulting & Research Corporation.

Star of Asia for Health Excellence for outstanding achievements in Business and Social Service by India Achievers Forum.

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